Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Go Utes!

Zander experienced his fist live Utes game on the 6th. His cousin Tavia has missed only one or two home games in her short almost-4-year-old life, so he’s got some catching up to do. He was so excited at the idea, and has been telling anyone who will listen about the “bootball game”. The Utes, of course, won the game – which always makes it more enjoyable!

I’m just proud that we’ve finally converted Cedric and he’s now a true University of Utah fan!

Zander borrowed our neighbors' helmet for the picture.

Future Sports Illustrated cover?

Zander & Daddy walking the TREK back to the car

Zander and Tav in full Utes gear!

Book Club 101

So Chelsea and I have been discussing putting together a book club/dinner group for months now. Last week we finally made it happen and I had the pleasure of hosting the inaugural meeting at my house. My big mouth mom had to blab to her friends that I was a “gourmet chef”, which of course put the pressure on (mostly self imposed, I’ll admit). Zander and I had a great time shopping for and preparing all of the food, and Cedric cleaned the entire house before I got home from work (thanks babe).

I have the dinner/entertaining part down, but struggled with the concept of “Book Club”. Though I have to confess that I was behind on my reading (number one no no in a book club), the conversation was great. Thankfully we had a great group of talkative people and an extremely compelling topic (the story of a 1960's doctor who abandons his Down Syndrome baby and tells his wife she's died). So fun to just get together with the girls and have grown up conversation!

Book Club 101 was a success!

Zander and I braved the Asian Market
(where he saw a whole roast duck hanging behind the glass and said, Mommy - a duckie! Mommy - pet a duckie!) to buy most of the ingredients for or lettuce wrap feast.

Raspberry Cheesecake Eggrolls
with Mango and Grean Tea Ice Cream


Zander's New Bike

At my prompting, Grandma DiFrancesco bought Zander a Radio Flyer bike for his birthday this year. I ignored the numerous comments to the tune of, “don’t you think that’s too big for him” and “he’ll never be able to ride that bike” and went ahead with the big boy bike purchase. Sure enough, within a week he had figured out steering to navigate the sidewalks, learned how to stand up and pedal to get started and even figured out how to ring the bell – while riding! Once again, my natural born athlete is a superstar.

The only downside to Zander’s new bike is his ability to ask, and ask again, and again, to ride his new bike. Mommy, ride a bike. Mommy? Ride a bike? Mom! Ride a bike a belmut (read: helmet). Daddy ride a bike? And so on….and so on….and so on….

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's about time....

Time for the oh so typical, "it's time to jump on the bandwagon and start my blog" post. Now that we have our old camera fixed and a shiny new camera to go along with it, I am out of excuses to procrastinate (as “waiting on pictures” was my old excuse). I guess now I would just be lazy…which I’ve been accused of before.

Zander is two now, and an absolute mad man. If the constant kicking in my stomach is any indication, his little brother is shaping up to be the same way. I’ve fought the “natural born athlete” theory for as long as I can, and have finally accepted Zander’s fate as a future hall-of-famer. He is offended by his baseball tee and has taken to pitching to himself. He makes shots in his basketball hoop from across the room and runs faster than I do. Let’s just hope the boys get some of their mom’s brains to go along with dad’s athletic abilities…..

We’ll be back soon with new pictures, funny stories and other things that will hopefully make you smile. Until then, thanks for reading.