Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Book Club 101

So Chelsea and I have been discussing putting together a book club/dinner group for months now. Last week we finally made it happen and I had the pleasure of hosting the inaugural meeting at my house. My big mouth mom had to blab to her friends that I was a “gourmet chef”, which of course put the pressure on (mostly self imposed, I’ll admit). Zander and I had a great time shopping for and preparing all of the food, and Cedric cleaned the entire house before I got home from work (thanks babe).

I have the dinner/entertaining part down, but struggled with the concept of “Book Club”. Though I have to confess that I was behind on my reading (number one no no in a book club), the conversation was great. Thankfully we had a great group of talkative people and an extremely compelling topic (the story of a 1960's doctor who abandons his Down Syndrome baby and tells his wife she's died). So fun to just get together with the girls and have grown up conversation!

Book Club 101 was a success!

Zander and I braved the Asian Market
(where he saw a whole roast duck hanging behind the glass and said, Mommy - a duckie! Mommy - pet a duckie!) to buy most of the ingredients for or lettuce wrap feast.

Raspberry Cheesecake Eggrolls
with Mango and Grean Tea Ice Cream



Fyfe Family said...

Jeez, you are a gourmet chef! That book club idea sounds fun. Wish I lived close so I could invite myself.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather go to your bookclub. I love the spread. Like Tara, I wish we lived closer. I'm glad I found your blog. It's fun to see Zander growing up.