Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Zander's New Bike

At my prompting, Grandma DiFrancesco bought Zander a Radio Flyer bike for his birthday this year. I ignored the numerous comments to the tune of, “don’t you think that’s too big for him” and “he’ll never be able to ride that bike” and went ahead with the big boy bike purchase. Sure enough, within a week he had figured out steering to navigate the sidewalks, learned how to stand up and pedal to get started and even figured out how to ring the bell – while riding! Once again, my natural born athlete is a superstar.

The only downside to Zander’s new bike is his ability to ask, and ask again, and again, to ride his new bike. Mommy, ride a bike. Mommy? Ride a bike? Mom! Ride a bike a belmut (read: helmet). Daddy ride a bike? And so on….and so on….and so on….


Landon and Kylie said...

Super cute pictures Rachel! And you're really going to have to teach me to cook one of these

Nicholas said...

Stella can't even ride her trike yet. Way to go Zander!!!!