Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Quirky? Me? Never!

Ok - My very first "blog-tag." Here goes it...

6 Quirky Things About Rachel

1. I have inherited Chelsea's OCD tendencies (or is it the other way around?). Once I decide that I want something/to do something, there is no turning back. Life changing decisions are often made over lunch and single projects are life consuming until they are finished (e.g., Zander's new room at the current moment). I try to fight it, but the mind is a powerful thing.

2. I love to cook, but I love to present my cooking even more (e.g., book club dinner). Haven't you every heard it's all about the presentation? Well I take that very literally.

3. I rock at cooking but I suck at baking. I'm an artist, not a scientist for heaven's sake! That precise-ness is for the birds.

4. I can't sleep when I'm worried about someone. I used to think my college roommate was crazy for making us call to let her know if we weren't coming home (or coming home really late), but I now understand - as I am physically unable to sleep when I'm expecting you to be home and you're not. It sucks - I wouldn't recommend picking up this habit to anyone.

5. I'm have no appropriateness filter when it comes to bragging about my kids. I sometimes realize that I've been rambling on and on and on about them, and the people around me must be SO bored.

6. I'm a "fixer." Sometimes I honestly think that I must have the power of God or something, as there is no situation, person, place or thing that I can't fix (even though this has been proven false, time and time again, I still believe it to be true).

I tag Robin (mostly just to get her to post) and Mikelle (for the same reason).


Rachel and Dan Schmalz said...

Yes, good 'ol Cop is alive and well. Well, actually not so well. He pees on my floors and he stinks but I still love the little guy too death!! I can't believe it either :]
Your family is SO cute! When is your due date for the next little one?

abby said...

Way to go Zander!!! That is awesome!