Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I've known for some time now that Zander was capable of climbing out of his crib, he just hadn't realized this hidden potential. I've been more than willing to let this potential remain hidden....

Not so much anymore.

Sunday night Cedric and I put Zander to bed, let him drink his milk, read him "Max" (i.e., Where The Wild Things Are), gave him both of his babies (which he demands to sleep with these days) and tucked him in three times. General nighttime routine around our house (really - it's faster than it sounds). We then retired to the basement to continue our weekend-long binge of Lost Season 1 episodes.

About 10 minutes later, who comes wandering downstairs? Zander. "Sleep in mommy's bed, please?" “In a mommy’s bed – just ONE minute, please?” Apparently he has discovered his potential. @*#!

He promptly got put back into his own bed, and not five minutes later I hear him screaming down the stairs, "owie a piggies mommy, owie my piggies!" Guess it's easy to stub your toe when you're jumping (literally) out of your crib.

Cedric finally convinced him to stay in bed for the night, and we all got some sleep. Until.....I am getting ready in the morning, take a shower, brush my teeth, and come back into the bedroom to get dressed. I hear a funny noise and look over to my bed. Guess who's snoring away, all tucked in? Yeah - that would be Zander. He must have snuck in at some point in the night without us realizing, cause it was clear from his snoring that he hadn't just come in.

It's going to be a L O N G month....

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