Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Has FINALLY Sprung

I know I promised to be more on top of my blog once I returned to work, but it looks like I was lying to you all. At the very least, I’ll post some cute pictures and catch everyone up on a little of what’s been going on at our house. I’m not as ambitious as Mikelle, and you won’t be seeing 29 posts this month, but hopefully you’ll enjoy what you do get.

Camden when he was still super little, saying goodbye to Sister Molly. Just kidding! Molly - we know your road has been a rough one, but we're [selfishly] glad you're back!
The tearful goodbye to our favorite missionary.
It's been so fun to watch Camden grow. In know it's cliche, but it really is amazing how fast they start to grow up. Zander is still loving the big brother role and doing a really good job of it. Lately he's been telling me, "that makes me happy mom." Or, alternatively, "that doesn't make me happy mom." So at the dinner table on Monday, I said to him, what makes you happy Zander? He said, " baby brother makes me happy!" They both make me happy - every day.

We boxed up the first round of Camden's clothes this month, and are amazed that he's filling up 3-6 month ones these days. Good thing that Zander was pretty easy on his outfits, allowing Camden to enjoy them as well (and making life easier on mom's pocketbook).

Camden has discovered his expressions as of late, and doesn't hesitate to offer them to the camera. He's also discovered his voice, and constantly "talks" these days.

And last, but not least, he's discovered his smile. He loves to be talked to and is quick to return your words with his killer grin. We were sitting in church a couple of weeks ago and trying to make it quietly through the passing of the sacrament. I whispered to Zander, "smile at your brother." He proceeds to say, at the top of his lungs, "hi Camden, hi Camden, smile Camden, it's ok Camden!" I quickly tried to shhh him, and he responded (even louder), "I'm making Camden smile mommy!" Guess I should be more careful about what I tell him to do during church.

Zander is loving life these days and particularly appreciating the nice weather. Riding his bike, playing on his scooter, soccer, t-ball, water fights - you name it. Spring has been a long time coming, but we're SO glad it's finally here.

T-ball game number one was held in 36 degree weather. I'm not sure whose bright idea it was to not cancel games that evening, but it was borderline miserable, and every kid was in tears at least once during the game.

Game two, on the other hand, was 70 degrees and LOVELY. The kids were starting to get the hang of things, and though still complete maddness, there was a bit less chaos on the field.

For those of you who don't know, we had to lie about Zander's age to get him into the league. I know, I know, I'm a bad mom. I just couldn't stand the thought of making him wait TWO MORE YEARS to play ball! I'm proud to say that he's holding his own with the 4-5 year olds and giving them all a run for their money. Soccer starts next week, so let's hope they can handle what's about to hit them!Last, but not least, is the side by side of Zander and Camden. About the same age, exactly the same outfit, can you even tell them apart? Guess there will be no denying their relation later on in life, and we better label ALL pictures for posterity's sake.


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha!! You're funny. Because I can't clean my house right now I have to do something where I feel productive. Just kidding. I love the pictures. Camden and Zander do look a ton alike in that bottom picture. So cute!

Landon and Kylie said...

Cute pictures Rachel! I have the Easter pictures - I'll bring them over on Monday. Landon will gone for the next 6 weeks basically, so my schedule is wide open for pictures any evening that works for you. We can talk about it when I drop by your house. Maybe we should go to a baseball field and take advantage of Zander's abundant talents...

kandi said...

It's about d*** time! :D I check your blog obsessively! I'm glad I finally have something to read. SUPER cute pictures of the boys! Keep the posts coming!!

Blake & Anya Young said...

I have to agree with Kandi! I have been checking your blog for months! It is about time you post more pictures of your cute babies! You act like you have a full time job and have two kids to raise and home with a house to take care of!

abby said...

I can't believe that Zander is playing T-ball! Both of them are so cute!!

Blake & Anya Young said...

I just got on your blog and saw the header "Spring has FINALLY sprung" and I thought no way.....FINALLY a new post. WRONG. I want to see recent pictures of your adorable little boys. How the heck are you?