Friday, January 2, 2009

Kids and Christmas Trees

We were more than a little behind the power curve at Christmas time this year, but we did manage to get a tree up and decorated before Santa Clause came to visit. Zander and Tariana were hilarious when it came to making sure we had ornaments ALL over the tree, and even spent time laying on the ground to make sure there were enough underneath the tree.

This was the first year that Zander really understood what was going on, and it made it that much more fun that we got to have Tariana here as well. Two kids at Christmas is much more fun than one! We kept telling Zander that he had to be good or Santa wouldn't come, and it worked amazingly well. Nothing wrong with a little "fear of Santa," right?

I was doing some last minute shopping with the kids at Costco and they were getting a little rowdy. I looked at Zander and said, "shhhh, hunny." He then got this inquisitive look on his face and responded, "oh, Santa Clause is sleeping?" Every time I've told him to calm down or be quiet since then, he's been quick to obey - as not to wake up Santa Clause. Whatever works...


Craig and Sarah said...

your kids are so cute! :) Love the tree too!

Rachel and Dan Schmalz said...

Hey, I just went private and I wanted your email address so you can still look at mine.
How is the new little one?