Friday, November 7, 2008

Go Utes - Part 2

No Zander this time, and no cute pictures either. But can you believe that game??? I was terribly nervous about the cold weather (as well as the outcome of the game), but it ended up being a great night for some football. The temperature might have been cold, but it was dry as a bone and the wind was completely still. Packing 45,666 people into the stadium also helped. Oh, and the "3rd Down Jump" is good for keeping your blood flowing...

I was debating with an old co-worker about the perceived "embarrassment" of rushing the field in a game you "should have won." He's convinced that unless you pull off a stunning upset (meaning the team was ranked higher than you going into the game), then you're supposed to act stoic, like you've been there before, and not at all surprised/excited that you did your job and won the game. I, on the other hand, think that any game that is decided by an amazing two minute offense, has nearly 50k people on their feet and your heart beating faster than 20 minutes on the stair climber, is well deserving of a field rush.

Apparently in classier (read: richer) conferences, they know how to properly respond to these clutch endings - and it's NOT by rushing the field.

My final consensus: You can have your money, fancy stadiums, subdued crowds and CLASS….I’ll stick my field rushing, flask carrying, 3rd down jumping, fun having Utes!


kandi said...

I'm with you. Ya gotta love the rowdy houligans! GO UTES!!!!

Roger and Laurene said...

Sure proud I've finally got a real UTE in my family. Can't wait till November 22... :)