Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Maternity Leave Hiatus

This post is for those of you blog-stalkers who believed that me being on maternity leave would lead to lots and lots of posts about the baby, the holidays, and the goings on of my infinite time off...

Not so much...

I've found myself feeling proud of getting dinner on the table by 7:00. Never mind that we're all still in our pajamas and no one has had a bath. I did venture to Costco AND the mall one day with both kids. That was an adventure. The goal most days has been to accomplish one thing. Go to the grocery store, meet someone for lunch, make a guest appearance at Tavia's playgroup, etc.

While the thoughts of going back to work next Friday don't excite me too much, I do believe that I will be forced to become much more productive!! The days of accomplishing one thing each day will be long gone and going back to sleep after Cedric leaves for work will be a fond memory.

Look forward to more regular posts and pictures once I return to work in 9 days!

P.S. - Camden is doing well, Zander is loving him and we're all having fun with the newest Williams addition!