Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Infamous Blowout...

These pictures are pretty old (spring), but I've had numerous requests for them. Just as a little background - Zander usually sits on the counter in the bathroom while I'm getting ready. He loves to brush his hair and always wants me to point the blow dryer at him. So one day he wanted to check out the flatiron - and these were the results. I thought Cedric was going to kill me - but it was worth it for the pictures.

Zander combing his hair, getting the fro ready
He LOVED it. Kept looking in the mirror and cracking up at himself.

Pre-Halloween Weekend

So Halloween is still a few days away and I'm DONE with it already! We attended three (yes, that is THREE) Halloween events on Saturday, and now are just about Halloween-ed out! But Zander just looks so cute in his costume, that I'm sure I'll have to resign myself to dressing him up in it again tomorrow (party at daycare) and on Friday (party at my office, followed by "real" Halloween trick or treating).
We started off our weekend with our annual trek to Boo at the Zoo. Tammy and I have decided that this will be our last trip on the official Boo day, as it's an absolute madhouse (seriously - lines winding through the parking lot just to get in the door) and Zander couldn't care less about waiting in line for 15 minutes for a tootsie roll. Next year we'll have our own zoo celebration, the day BEFORE (or after) Boo at the Zoo! Thanks to Tammy and Sophia for being our dedicated zoo buddies. I think Zander thinks that they live there! "A zoo a see a zebra. With Phia, and Bammy? A hot dog?" That pretty much sums up every trip to the zoo!

Zander's VERY FAVORITE animal at the zoo - the zebra.
Who really goes to the zoo to see zebras? Apparently my son does...

Zander and Sophia's second favorite thing at the zoo - the train
(second to the zebras, of course (and maybe the carousel)).

We were sure to leave the zoo in time for a good nap, and then headed out to Amil's birthday/Halloween party. Even though we had to cut our time there short, we were amazed with Jessica's Betty Crocker and party planning skills!

Zander and the birthday girl.
We headed straight from the birthday party to Abby's house for our family Halloween party. Thanks so much for being a great hostess Abby. We were especially excited that Nathan & Mikelle were able to join us with their super cute kids. Zander definitely doesn't get to see enough of his Idaho cousins! Abby is Zander's new favorite, as she has a slide in her living room. He was asking to go back to Abby's house all day on Sunday!
Ever try to get 7 little, kids to sit still for a picture?
Yeah - it doesn't work very well.

All in all, our pre-Halloween weekend was a success. I couldn't believe what a trooper Zander was to actually stay in those football pads all day long. Let's hope the real deal goes as smoothly...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Baby Likes Cheerios!

Zander was laying in bed with Cedric and I the other day and being particularly interested in the baby. Just as a little background – he was very excited (though thoroughly confused) about the baby in the beginning, but lost interest after months of all talk and no action. It’s only been in the last week or two that he’s renewed his interest and excitement in the baby in mommy’s tummy.

So….back to the story. We’re all laying in bed and Zander is talking to his baby brother. “Doing?” “Doing in there?” Then looks to me and holds up his hands – asking what the heck the baby is doing inside of my stomach. He then gives repeated hugs, kisses and pokes to my belly button (which he believes is his “access” to the baby). He is holding his snack cup that is full of Cheerios, and when I look down, there is one Cheerio right in the center of my belly button. I, being the dumb mom that I am, think Zander’s dropped it and pick it up to hand it back to him. When I tried to give him the Cheerio I get the funniest look back – a cross between hurt feelings, confusion and anger – and he immediately snatched it from my hands and carefully placed it back in my belly button. “A baby mom!” “For a baby!”

Apparently the baby likes Cheerios and his big brother has faith that he can eat them through my belly button! Too cute…